Episode 16.0 – Metalgrid

Meet Metalgrid

Episode 16.0 – Metalgrid

We interviewed up and coming metal band Metalgrid.  They are in the studio recording their debut CD Metalgrid. Meet the band members:

Vocals/Guitar: Conrad Horton
Lead Guitar: Ryan Musser
Bass: Stefan Henskens
Drums: Andrew DeHart

This is a great interview.  They talk about their first experience attempting to record in their garage, their decision to record in a professional studio, the girlfriends Ryan and Stefan need and much, much more.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide a sample for you to listen to at this time since their new music is top secret and under lock and key.  We spent some time listening to them rehearse and we can tell you that if you are a metal fan you will love their music.  The CD will debut this fall.  Be sure to connect with Metalgrid on Facebook to stay up-to-date with everything Metalgrid.  Their website is not done yet but the web address will be http://metalgrid.net.  Their CD will be available at Simplie Indie to pre-order within a couple of weeks.

If you’re interested in dating Ryan, Stefan or Conrad from Metalgrid email Meghan today. Andrew (the drummer) is not available.  He is in a great relationship.

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